Prepare for the recovery phase

As a disaster abates, libraries should engage staff, volunteers and partners in transitioning to the recovery phase.

Consider what work will need to be done before library branches can re-open. Depending on the disaster, significant time may be needed for repairs, environmental cleanup or cataloging library inventory.

A major snowstorm caused extensive flooding at the Alpine County Library's Bear Valley branch.
When a major snowstorm caused extensive flooding, the Alpine County Library had to complete repairs before patrons could return to the Bear Valley Library.

Members of the library’s disaster response Library administrators, along with the emergency coordinator and disaster response team may want to revisit the library’s recovery plans and make changes, as needed.

To learn more about how the library can best support community needs in the recovery phase, consider reaching out to community partners and groups that regularly meet at the library. Ask how the library can help connect patrons to recovery services or how library facilities can aid recovery efforts.