Paradise library reopens

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Library staff welcome back community following devastating Camp fire

After months of hard work on the part of Butte County Library staff, members of the Paradise community were able to return to the town's branch library in August of 2019.

Following the 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County, it took months of dedicated work from staff members and significant coordination with county officials before the Paradise branch could reopen. “We had to individually wipe down more than 40,000 books,” said Brenda Crotts, retired Paradise branch librarian. “Dead trees and plants outside had to be removed. Inventory and scanning had to happen, then shelving.”

Nearly 200 community members visited the Paradise branch on the library’s first day back.

Patrons were excited to visit with staff and share their gratitude, said Crotts.

“It was a very emotional day. People just wanted to come in, sit down and feel their library. They were so happy to see us open.” – Brenda Crotts, retired Paradise branch librarian

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